Wednesday, January 27, 2016

But I found a place where I can erase my past.

Just FallJust Fall by Nina Sadowsky

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ellie seems to have the picture perfect life - and now, the picture perfect wedding. She's finally marrying Rob, seemingly the man of her dreams. But at her wedding, Ellie's world collapses, as she finds out Rob is not what he seems. She is quickly swept up into his world of lies and yes, murder. Rob is counting on Ellie to free them from the constrictive life he's been leading, but that may mean she has to kill someone. Is Ellie prepared to do this? Is Rob what he seems? What has happened to Ellie's perfect life?

This was an interesting thriller, to say the least. It starts out a little slow (seems like a conventional he said/she said back and forth point-of-view tale) but quickly turned into an actual, compelling mystery. The book is told in a "Then" and "Now" format, but with a couple of twists: first, you hear not only from Ellie and Rob, but also a detective, Lucien, who is investigating several cases that have ensnared the pair, and second, the "Then" portions aren't chronological, so you are really skipping around in time. It is confusing at times, but certainly adds to the page-turning aspect. A good 3/4 of the book passes by in a flash.

I was wary most of the book - who is telling the truth? Rob? Ellie? No one? This one reminded me a bit of another excellent book I read recently - J.T. Ellison's "No One Knows" (which I preferred), where you just don't know which spouse to trust, or if you even like either of them! They are both flawed, but not really in a way you could sympathize with. Lucien was certainly the only character who seemed to have any redemptive qualities to him at times, and his inclusion was intriguing and enjoyable.

Overall, this book left me feeling confused and a little wanting. It seemed to fall apart a little with the ending - I was almost not quite sure exactly what transpired. It left me a little wanting. Still, as I write my review 24 hours later, the book is still haunting me, and I imagine it will for quite some time-- which is certainly a feat in itself. I'm glad I read it; it was a strange and interesting experience to say the least.

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley (thanks!). This novel is available for purchase on March 22nd.

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