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People hide from the truth: HER EVERY FEAR.

Her Every FearHer Every Fear by Peter Swanson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kate Priddy suffers from anxiety. Neurotic since childhood, her recent fears have good reason: in college, Kate was attacked in a horrific incident by her boyfriend. It's taken Kate years to recover from that day. So when her parents tell her that her distant cousin, Corbin Dell, is looking to move to London and wants someone to switch apartments with for six months, Kate jumps at the chance. Six months in Corbin's spacious apartment will give her a chance to start her life over on her own. But shortly after arriving in Boston, Kate receives some unsettling news: the woman who lived down the hall, Audrey, is missing. She soon discovers that Audrey was murdered. Even worse, she realizes that Corbin is a suspect in Audrey's death. As Kate tries to adjust to life in Boston, she meets another fellow apartment-dweller, Alan Cherney. Alan claims he didn't know Audrey, but he seems to know a lot about her. Kate suddenly regrets her temporary move to the States, and soon she finds herself wondering if she's even safe there.

This novel was the first Swanson I've ever read. It starts off from Kate's perspective, but switches over after a couple of chapters to Alan, and we hear from Corbin and others throughout the story as well. While doing this, the story sometimes double backs to get the same perspective from a different character. While it's effective in showing different sides to one plot element, it seems to drag the story on, and make things repeat unnecessarily. I enjoyed the character of Kate, though couldn't always find myself attached to her. She was probably my favorite of the group, though. For me, I found some bits of the plot a little over the top (the list of things that have happened to Kate seems extreme, for example).

I guessed a good part of the mystery plot early on, but was still confounded by other pieces, so I did find it interesting, and it certainly had creepy pieces. Still, I wasn't incredibly invested in this one -- either the plot or the characters. Things just seemed a little "too much" at times, and then by the time we did get to the dramatic ending, it tied up really quickly, which was a little anticlimactic. Overall, this was a good thriller, but not great.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher and Edelweiss (thank you!); it is available as of 1/10/2017.

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