Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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WildflowerWildflower by Drew Barrymore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wildflower is a series of short series, in no particular order, that Drew Barrymore chose to tell the story of her life. She's quick to say that Wildflower is not a memoir, but just a look at her life in story form. The stories range from looks inside her childhood, to memories of her father, to recollections of Barrymore's travels and work with with the U.N., to more recent tales of her transition to motherhood.

This book is not amazing, but it's certainly a fun and entertaining collection of stories from Barrymore's life. They showcase how crazy her life has been and provide some insight into the unique life she's led. Since it's not a true memoir, we don't hear about every step of her life-- a lot of her wild teen years are skipped over, for instance. Instead, the stories hit on moments that resonated with her, or moments that were memorable in her life. She's not a world-class writer, but the vignettes shine with her voice and the joie de vivre that comes across in her films, too. She's led an interesting and amazing life, and it's fun to get even an a small glimpse into her world. Reading about her daughters, Olive and Frankie, was meaningful to me, as a mother of two daughters myself. I also found it particularly heartbreaking to read the stories about her husband, and how much he and his family means to her, in light of their recent split.

Overall, this is a very quick read, with some fun insight into an interesting actress. If you like Drew, or her films, you'll enjoy this book.

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