Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You and I will be young forever.

One True LovesOne True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Emma Blair and Jesse Lerner are high school sweethearts. They marry in their twenties, move to California, and leave their family and stifling Massachusetts hometown far behind. They travel the world together and seem destined for a long and happy life. But on their first wedding anniversary, Jesse's helicopter goes missing. Suddenly, Emma's happy life is torn apart. Jesse is gone, and she's not sure how to move on.

So Emma moves back home. To her parents, her sister, and all the expectations that comes with them. She eventually picks herself up and starts to live life without Jesse. One day she runs into an old high school, friend, and they fall in love, eventually becoming engaged. It seems as if Emma is getting a second chance at the happiness she so dearly wanted, albeit in a very different form. But then she gets a call-- out of the blue. It's Jesse. He's alive and he's been attempting all these years to get back to his beloved Emma: his wife. Emma's world is turned upside down yet again. She's faced with a huge decision: who is her true love?

I picked up this novel for a change of pace, and it was exactly that. It's not altogether light and fluffy: it deals with some deep themes, but it's no mystery or psychological women's fiction, either. It was an easy, fast read, which I read while on vacation, and it suited my needs to a tee. The plot was interesting, though completely far-fetched, and you just sort have to suspend disbelief going in if you want to enjoy it. Reid's writing is a little stilted (a lot of telling versus showing) but I grew to enjoy Emma, even if her dilemma was a bit insane. I won't spoil the plot, as basically the book revolves around Emma's choice, but it was certainly interesting and intriguing to watch Emma come to her conclusion. If you're looking for a quick read, say for a beach vacation or airplane diversion, this book is ideal.

I received a copy of this novel from Edelweiss (thank you!); it is available everywhere as of 06/07/2016.

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